Thursday, September 16, 2010


Where have I been?...What have I been doing??? Are you wondering? Let me catch you up on the past 6 months of my life since I last left you in February...

1. FINALLY sold our house in March...thank you for the prayers!
2. Bought a new house in April and found out my cousins husband has leukemia! (update: he is doing awesome and kicking the butt of this terrible disease)
3. A wedding celebration and mini vacay in South Carolina with one of my best friends from high school, our boys and our moms!
4. Packed up all of our belongings and finally moved in May.
5. Celebrated Cade's 1st Birthday at our new house with lots of friends and family!...67 people came and we couldn't believe it! We are so blessed to have so many special people in our lives and so many people who love Cade!
6. Celebrated our 2nd year anniversary :)
7. Attended and celebrated a college graduation and a high school graduation...congrats to 2 cousins.
8. Family vacation to Myrtle Beach
9. Had fun at lots of friends and family birthday parties...
10. Celebrated a cousins wedding in July at a beautiful lake in TN.
11. Worked a lot! Stressed a little!
12. Enjoyed watching Cade play in our new huge backyard this summer!
13. Dance with Cade every day...and Laughed a lot!
14. Loved watching my baby boy grow and do new things every single day.
15. Painted the downstairs of our house...we hired someone but it was still a pain in the rear!
16. Worried about my baby who fought through 5 ear infections, strep throat and eventually surgery for tubes.
17. Cried for a college friend who lost her baby girl way too early!
18. Thanked God every night for blessing us with a fairly-healthy baby and tried to learn not to take anything for granted!
19. Enjoyed seeing sweet friends have new babies!
20. Enjoyed a few days by the pool with special friends!
21. Took Cade to get his first hair-cut.
22. Preparing ourselves for a couples retreat/family retreat/30th birthday celebration to the Bahamas in October....Yes, I'll be 30 in November...shhhh!
23. Started working out again this week! Thank God for Rebecca or I would not be motivated to get out of bed at 5:15am.
24. Enjoying reading my awesome friends blog she just will love it!
25. Did I mention... worked a lot, cried a little, stressed a little, laughed a lot??

A few small bumps along the way, but soooo many good things have happened over the past 6 months! Blessed beyond words! Thank you God!

What have you been up to??