Thursday, September 16, 2010


Where have I been?...What have I been doing??? Are you wondering? Let me catch you up on the past 6 months of my life since I last left you in February...

1. FINALLY sold our house in March...thank you for the prayers!
2. Bought a new house in April and found out my cousins husband has leukemia! (update: he is doing awesome and kicking the butt of this terrible disease)
3. A wedding celebration and mini vacay in South Carolina with one of my best friends from high school, our boys and our moms!
4. Packed up all of our belongings and finally moved in May.
5. Celebrated Cade's 1st Birthday at our new house with lots of friends and family!...67 people came and we couldn't believe it! We are so blessed to have so many special people in our lives and so many people who love Cade!
6. Celebrated our 2nd year anniversary :)
7. Attended and celebrated a college graduation and a high school graduation...congrats to 2 cousins.
8. Family vacation to Myrtle Beach
9. Had fun at lots of friends and family birthday parties...
10. Celebrated a cousins wedding in July at a beautiful lake in TN.
11. Worked a lot! Stressed a little!
12. Enjoyed watching Cade play in our new huge backyard this summer!
13. Dance with Cade every day...and Laughed a lot!
14. Loved watching my baby boy grow and do new things every single day.
15. Painted the downstairs of our house...we hired someone but it was still a pain in the rear!
16. Worried about my baby who fought through 5 ear infections, strep throat and eventually surgery for tubes.
17. Cried for a college friend who lost her baby girl way too early!
18. Thanked God every night for blessing us with a fairly-healthy baby and tried to learn not to take anything for granted!
19. Enjoyed seeing sweet friends have new babies!
20. Enjoyed a few days by the pool with special friends!
21. Took Cade to get his first hair-cut.
22. Preparing ourselves for a couples retreat/family retreat/30th birthday celebration to the Bahamas in October....Yes, I'll be 30 in November...shhhh!
23. Started working out again this week! Thank God for Rebecca or I would not be motivated to get out of bed at 5:15am.
24. Enjoying reading my awesome friends blog she just will love it!
25. Did I mention... worked a lot, cried a little, stressed a little, laughed a lot??

A few small bumps along the way, but soooo many good things have happened over the past 6 months! Blessed beyond words! Thank you God!

What have you been up to??

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Crazy!

Have you 29 sweet followers been wondering where I've been?? Probably not...but maybe! haha! Well we have been super crazy busy around here this past week! We have our house for SALE and have had sooooo many lookers this week! Mom was here last weekend and we had 2 sets of people on Saturday and one on Sunday. Then we had a showing on Thursday afternoon, 3 sets of people yesterday, 1 couple at 1:00 today and then an open house from 2-4:00 today!! Sheesh...I pray, and hope and wish it will sell soon! I don't know how much more cleaning and stashing Cade's stuff we can take! We've actually had it up for sale since February last year and then listed it with a realtor in August. Can you say EXHAUSTED!?!

Please people...if you have a little extra room in your prayers will you please say one for us?? We really want to sell this house so Cade can actually use his cute lil' room and have a backyard to play in this summer! :)
Sooooo....if any of you know of anyone in Lexington looking for a cute little home send them my way! 

I hope you all have had a great weekend....I'm sure lots of you are enjoying the SUPER BOWL right now! Say a prayer for us.... this super crazy family of 3 to sell our home....and enjoy this little pic of our SUPER BABY!! :)

(This is one of my favorite pictures of Cade....look at that grin!)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Baby!

Ahhh...sweet little babies! Don't ya love the smell of a new baby? I do, I do! Tomorrow my sweet baby boy will be 8 months old and it seems like just yesterday he had that "NEW BABY SMELL"....well now he just smells like spit-up, slobber and sweat...Oh a true boy! But I love it anyway! :)

But lucky friends keep having babies so I get to keep smelling that new baby smell! Just one month ago tomorrow, Cade had a new friend born...Wakefield Hart. His mommy, Markey, and I have been friends for almost 3 years now! We actually used to work together and boy did we have FUN! I miss working with her but we often talk and dream about future plans of working together again!

Markey is all things preppy and sweet and I just love her! ((You should see Wakefield's is the ultimate prep and absolutely adorable! I'll have to get pictures for you.) Lee and I love hanging out with her and her husband Bert...they are always a fun time! And now we both have baby let the good times roll on! I'm so excited to be raising boys at the same time! They will also be going to the same sitter so I'm sure they will be best buds! :) Here are a few pics of the new family:
(Wakefield Hart)

(Markey and Wakefield...I think I caught his first lil' grin to his Mommy!)

(Proud Daddy Bert and Wakefield)

(Look how cute!...he is perfect!) best friend Laura just had a baby girl, Leigh Marie, on Monday. Laura and I met 10 years ago (WOW!) at EKU where we were sorority sisters and roomies! I was her maid of honor in her wedding and she was the same in mine. She is the funniest and sweetest girl and always the life of the party! We have shared so many moments and milestones together over the years and now we are raising babies at the same time! I'm so excited and feel very blessed! Leigh Marie is one lucky girl to have Laura as her mommy! And I can't wait for Cade to meet Leigh Marie...he will love her too! Enjoy the pics of Laura's sweet little girl!

(New Mommy Laura and new baby Leigh Marie...aren't they both so beautiful?!!)

(Look at those cheeks and all that dark hair!)

(Me and Leigh Marie...I think I can still smell that new baby scent!)

(My favorite! Look at those long eye lashes...she'll be thankful one day!)

Hope you all have had a great week! Tomorrow is FRIDAY! YAYYYY!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Sell Her!

If only I had this story on video....It would be so much better! But I still gotta tell ya. So as Lee and I were packing up this past Sunday at Mom and Dad's, the kids were hard at play. Evalyn (5) and Jackson (3), my uncles kids, were visiting from Michigan for Gran's birthday. Kate (6) and Evalyn play great together and Sarah (2) and Jackson just try to tag along and keep up. So Sarah, let me tell ya...she's a little rotten. Mom calls her "rastis" (is that the correct spelling?)
I was getting the last bags packed up and Kate comes running into the room, jumps on the bed, rolls around and is huffing and puffing! Sarah is just two steps behind running in with her paci (or as she calls it, her "boppy"). Here is how the conversation goes:

Me: "Kate, what's wrong?"
Kate: "Ughhhh, I mean.....gosh Sarah! Sheeewww...she's just terrible...Ughh..I just wanna SELL HER!!"
Me: "Sarah, what happened? What did you do?"
Sarah: "Um, Ummm....(boppy spits out)....Sissy SICK!" "Come here, I show you" (I think she was trying to say Sissy is six and she shouldn't be mad or act this way...I think??)

So as I proceed to the toy room, I discovered that Sarah tore down the "fort", which is the princess tent her and Kate got for Christmas. Kate and Evalyn were playing in it and wouldn't let Sarah in so she made her own way in! hahahaha
I really wish I had my video camera on for this...I know this isn't half as funny to you as it was for me, but I had to share it! Rebecca, my co-worker who you can visit HERE, says my family could have our own show because of all the crazy stories I tell her! Well, no video of this, but at least you can see pictures of the princess tent and the kids!

(The Princess Tent)


(Sarah....with 2 headbands, of course!)

(Evalyn with Cade)

(Jackson, the SuperHero)

(Jackson and Sarah...he's lookin' at her like "yea, you're silly")

(Kate and Sarah giving their favorite uncle lots of kisses)

(And the sweetest baby around...Cade)

Happy Friday everyone! Check back tomorrow for a baby story!!

Stay Sweet,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gran is 70!

Eva June...that is my Grandma! 70 years old and doesn't act or look a day of it! Just as beautiful as every day before!

Also known as Gran, Mommy, Mawmaw, Meemaw and many more. We love her no matter what her name is!


We are so proud and so lucky to have her as our Grandma! She is smart, beautiful, funny, loving, caring, and the list goes on and on. Lee says she is one hip grandma! (I have to agree)


We love you Gran and feel so lucky to have you in our lives! We are truly blessed!
Happy 70th Birthday...We can't wait to celebrate many, many more!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm baaaack!!!

Ok, ok....I know this isn't the post I promised....but I promise I will post tomorrow about this past weekend! I have lots of pictures and one funny story to share! From Kate and Sarah, of course!

But I actually went to the gym tonight! YAY! My 2nd time working out since Cade came along...and well, I obviously need to make it more of a routine thing! I only lasted about 40 minutes and did only cardio! Sheesh! And can I just vent a little? I'm actually really mad! I also went to the gym tonight to talk to them about lowering my monthly fee. I signed up w/ them over 2 years ago and got signed in on a $55/per month rate! How terrible is that? Way too expensive if ya ask me! And every one of my other friends who signed up after me got a much better rate! I'm talkin like $25-$30 less than me! SO NOT FAIR!!!

So I asked to talk to someone about this and 3 ditzy girls and 20 minutes later...still no one came to talk to me! UGH! I seriously hate bad customer service and to be given a run-around! So once again, I talked to no one and went ahead and worked out anyway!

THENNNN....I start walking around the track and 4 laps in a girl interrupts my deep thinking and asks me about the pool! DO I LOOK LIKE I KNOW ABOUT THE POOL??? Much less....DO I LOOK LIKE I WANT TO TALK?? NOOOOOOOOO....I came to the gym to escape the world and have some silence and peace in my head! I'm sorry...I know that sounded so mean...the girl was actually really sweet...we actually talked for the next 6 laps! ha! But ya know...I just needed a little "me-time"....and I got it so I shouldn't complain! Poor girl...I hope she never reads my blog! I feel so bad bashing her! She really was sweet! :)

And I also wanted to let you know how excited I am about tomorrow night! I finally get to see my friend MHH and her new baby boy WHH!! He was born December 29th and I have yet to meet him and I'm just so excited to see his pretty lil face in person! Lee, Cade and I are taking the new family homemade chicken noodle's recipe of course! I gotta get permission first, but I'm hoping I get to post some pics of the 3 of them on here after our visit!

Ok...that's it for now! But I'll at least leave you w/ one little picture of my sweet-pea to hold you off until tomorrows big family post! :)

(his hair looks red here, but it's really not in person...kinda odd!)

Friday, January 15, 2010


I shouldn't be posting just yet...but I'm just too excited so I have to write! I'm leaving today to travel home to see my family and I can't wait. I haven't seen most of them since Christmas and well...that's just too long!

We are going home to celebrate my Grandma's 70th birthday! Shhhhhh...It's a SURPRISE, so don't spill the beans! :) She's going to be a little mad, but you don't turn 70 every day so this definitely calls for a celebration! You would love my Grandma...she doesn't look or act 70 and she is the sweetest, most loving lady around! I'll definitely post pics of the party, my Grandma and my family after the weekend is over.

I'm also excited to see my nieces, Kate and Sarah! They were my first loves before Cade came along, but they will always be my special, sweet baby girls! They are one-of-a-kind....that is for sure! There is always something funny coming out of their mouth so I'm sure I'll have a cute story to tell once I get back. And they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cade....AKA 'Bubby' to them! Of course, they are always more excited to see him than they are to see me. And they LOVE Lee too! The love they have for him and Cade is just too adorable for words!

Here are a few pictures of Kate and Sarah....I'll definitely post more!

(Me and Kate)

(Kate holding Cade for the 1st time)

(Me and Sarah - look at her headband! haha)

(The real Sarah! She's a character!)

Ok...Gotta run and get back to work! :) I hope everyone has a great, fun and relaxing weekend!

Stay Sweet,

P.S....I was also very excited to see that my 'followers' grew from 4 to 18 within one day! Lee and I were high-fiving! haha! My smile was like a kids at thank you Britney for the shout-out and thanks to all you new, sweet people for reading! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

C-A-T-S, Cats! Cats! Cats!

The UK - FL game just started and I'm already biting my nails! This season has been very exciting to watch because UK is undefeated! Lee and I didn't attend UK, but we love the tradition surrounding the school, sports and the state!

I personally love Florida...that is the STATE of Florida...because of the sun, beach and warmth..but more importantly because it is the home of LILLY PULITZER! Did you know I work at a Lilly Pulitzer Store?? Yes, I sure do...and the spring stuff is to die for! Only a few more weeks and it will be in my presence! I can't wait! But the resort stuff is pretty stinkin cute too...make sure you check it out...go here! It's the perfect way to brighten your 20 degree freezing, cold day!

But, back to the CATS!! We are currently winning! Yay! Hopefully we will come out with a 'W'! But until then...take a look at our Lil' Cat Cade! We are hoping he is a future UK Wildcat!

Isn't he the cutest LIL' CAT you've ever seen!?! I think so!

Stay sweet,

Monday, January 11, 2010


So proud of myself! I just cooked a new dinner all by myself! No help from Lee other than a little guidance and 2 phone calls to mom! I cooked my moms recipe for fried chicken nuggets and sauteed veggies.. I was actually supposed to fix one more side, Macaroni Salad, but I just couldn't multi-task it all! really was so good! Lee and I ate every bite! As you can see here:

But look at the mess I created....ooppsie

Drawers open, pots and pans in the sink, ingredients still out...but oh was worth it. I got a happy face and a sleeping baby from it!

Now this sleeping angel baby is awake and Lee's favorite show, Heroes is coming on so I must go!

Stay Sweet,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Here we go...

Here we Oprah states in "O"!
I'm a newbie to the blog world and feel like it's time to start talking! (my husband can only listen to me so much) :) Well, actually my husband and I started a blog in 2008 when we found out we were pregnant, but it didn't last too long. Just too hard to keep up with as we were planning for a baby...I actually didn't feel like writing much then and just wanted to enjoy my time with him and the peacefulness of our house! But at least you can read it to kinda learn about me and Lee.

But now.... I'm ready!!!! I feel like I have so much to say and talk about! This blog is being created so I can share fun, sweet stories from my every day, normal life! I'm a wife, mommy, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, aunt and friend! I have the best husband, Lee and the sweetest baby in the world, Cade who is 7 months old! I also have the best family in the world who I love so very much! There is always a story to tell with them...especially w/ my nieces who I adore! The majority of my fam live 2 hours away and don't get to see us everyday, so I'm hoping this will keep them in the loop of our life here in Lexington. And I can't forget my girlfriends who are the greatest, funniest and sweetest! I'm so lucky to have friends from childhood and college who I can turn to for anything.

So I hope you join me as I try to learn how to be the best wife, the best mommy, work a full time job, stay close to friends and family and somehow still stay fashionable! (ha! that will be the hard part) Oh and learn how to cook! :)

Stay sweet!

P.S...a big thank you to Danielle for making this adorable blog design!!! Check her out here!