Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Sell Her!

If only I had this story on video....It would be so much better! But I still gotta tell ya. So as Lee and I were packing up this past Sunday at Mom and Dad's, the kids were hard at play. Evalyn (5) and Jackson (3), my uncles kids, were visiting from Michigan for Gran's birthday. Kate (6) and Evalyn play great together and Sarah (2) and Jackson just try to tag along and keep up. So Sarah, let me tell ya...she's a little rotten. Mom calls her "rastis" (is that the correct spelling?)
I was getting the last bags packed up and Kate comes running into the room, jumps on the bed, rolls around and is huffing and puffing! Sarah is just two steps behind running in with her paci (or as she calls it, her "boppy"). Here is how the conversation goes:

Me: "Kate, what's wrong?"
Kate: "Ughhhh, I mean.....gosh Sarah! Sheeewww...she's just terrible...Ughh..I just wanna SELL HER!!"
Me: "Sarah, what happened? What did you do?"
Sarah: "Um, Ummm....(boppy spits out)....Sissy SICK!" "Come here, I show you" (I think she was trying to say Sissy is six and she shouldn't be mad or act this way...I think??)

So as I proceed to the toy room, I discovered that Sarah tore down the "fort", which is the princess tent her and Kate got for Christmas. Kate and Evalyn were playing in it and wouldn't let Sarah in so she made her own way in! hahahaha
I really wish I had my video camera on for this...I know this isn't half as funny to you as it was for me, but I had to share it! Rebecca, my co-worker who you can visit HERE, says my family could have our own show because of all the crazy stories I tell her! Well, no video of this, but at least you can see pictures of the princess tent and the kids!

(The Princess Tent)


(Sarah....with 2 headbands, of course!)

(Evalyn with Cade)

(Jackson, the SuperHero)

(Jackson and Sarah...he's lookin' at her like "yea, you're silly")

(Kate and Sarah giving their favorite uncle lots of kisses)

(And the sweetest baby around...Cade)

Happy Friday everyone! Check back tomorrow for a baby story!!

Stay Sweet,


  1. I would email about her about the calendar -
    xoxo KAG

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  3. I just about choked on a piece of toast as I read your blog and saw the picture of Sarah with not one, but TWO headbands!! Bahahaha!! And you're family DOES need a show!!! Oh my DOSH does it ever!! Bubby looks so handsome in his wittle onesie!!

  4. the 2 headbands were killin me! hahaha

  5. Hey!! On the baby shower tags - my friend Kelly made them. She just printed them on fun scrapbook paper. I wish I was creative like that!! :)

  6. I have a little something for you over at my place. Hope your having a great day! XOXO

    p.s. LOVING the pictures! Too cute!