Monday, January 11, 2010


So proud of myself! I just cooked a new dinner all by myself! No help from Lee other than a little guidance and 2 phone calls to mom! I cooked my moms recipe for fried chicken nuggets and sauteed veggies.. I was actually supposed to fix one more side, Macaroni Salad, but I just couldn't multi-task it all! really was so good! Lee and I ate every bite! As you can see here:

But look at the mess I created....ooppsie

Drawers open, pots and pans in the sink, ingredients still out...but oh was worth it. I got a happy face and a sleeping baby from it!

Now this sleeping angel baby is awake and Lee's favorite show, Heroes is coming on so I must go!

Stay Sweet,

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  1. Kim! Congrats on the dinner but that was not a mess! Your house looks so organized! It just looks like one drawer is open!!! Cade is so cute!