Friday, January 8, 2010

Here we go...

Here we Oprah states in "O"!
I'm a newbie to the blog world and feel like it's time to start talking! (my husband can only listen to me so much) :) Well, actually my husband and I started a blog in 2008 when we found out we were pregnant, but it didn't last too long. Just too hard to keep up with as we were planning for a baby...I actually didn't feel like writing much then and just wanted to enjoy my time with him and the peacefulness of our house! But at least you can read it to kinda learn about me and Lee.

But now.... I'm ready!!!! I feel like I have so much to say and talk about! This blog is being created so I can share fun, sweet stories from my every day, normal life! I'm a wife, mommy, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, aunt and friend! I have the best husband, Lee and the sweetest baby in the world, Cade who is 7 months old! I also have the best family in the world who I love so very much! There is always a story to tell with them...especially w/ my nieces who I adore! The majority of my fam live 2 hours away and don't get to see us everyday, so I'm hoping this will keep them in the loop of our life here in Lexington. And I can't forget my girlfriends who are the greatest, funniest and sweetest! I'm so lucky to have friends from childhood and college who I can turn to for anything.

So I hope you join me as I try to learn how to be the best wife, the best mommy, work a full time job, stay close to friends and family and somehow still stay fashionable! (ha! that will be the hard part) Oh and learn how to cook! :)

Stay sweet!

P.S...a big thank you to Danielle for making this adorable blog design!!! Check her out here!

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