Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm baaaack!!!

Ok, ok....I know this isn't the post I promised....but I promise I will post tomorrow about this past weekend! I have lots of pictures and one funny story to share! From Kate and Sarah, of course!

But I actually went to the gym tonight! YAY! My 2nd time working out since Cade came along...and well, I obviously need to make it more of a routine thing! I only lasted about 40 minutes and did only cardio! Sheesh! And can I just vent a little? I'm actually really mad! I also went to the gym tonight to talk to them about lowering my monthly fee. I signed up w/ them over 2 years ago and got signed in on a $55/per month rate! How terrible is that? Way too expensive if ya ask me! And every one of my other friends who signed up after me got a much better rate! I'm talkin like $25-$30 less than me! SO NOT FAIR!!!

So I asked to talk to someone about this and 3 ditzy girls and 20 minutes later...still no one came to talk to me! UGH! I seriously hate bad customer service and to be given a run-around! So once again, I talked to no one and went ahead and worked out anyway!

THENNNN....I start walking around the track and 4 laps in a girl interrupts my deep thinking and asks me about the pool! DO I LOOK LIKE I KNOW ABOUT THE POOL??? Much less....DO I LOOK LIKE I WANT TO TALK?? NOOOOOOOOO....I came to the gym to escape the world and have some silence and peace in my head! I'm sorry...I know that sounded so mean...the girl was actually really sweet...we actually talked for the next 6 laps! ha! But ya know...I just needed a little "me-time"....and I got it so I shouldn't complain! Poor girl...I hope she never reads my blog! I feel so bad bashing her! She really was sweet! :)

And I also wanted to let you know how excited I am about tomorrow night! I finally get to see my friend MHH and her new baby boy WHH!! He was born December 29th and I have yet to meet him and I'm just so excited to see his pretty lil face in person! Lee, Cade and I are taking the new family homemade chicken noodle's recipe of course! I gotta get permission first, but I'm hoping I get to post some pics of the 3 of them on here after our visit!

Ok...that's it for now! But I'll at least leave you w/ one little picture of my sweet-pea to hold you off until tomorrows big family post! :)

(his hair looks red here, but it's really not in person...kinda odd!)

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